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At Swannanoa Cleaners in Asheville, we’re committed to providing top-notch dry cleaning services that cater to your clothing and fabric needs. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, our skilled team ensures your garments are treated with care and expertise. Whether it’s everyday wear or specialty items, we have the experience and technology to deliver impeccable results. Discover the convenience and reliability of our dry cleaning services at Swannanoa Cleaners today.

Why Choose Dry Cleaning Swannanoa Cleaners Asheville?

Are you under the impression that all dry cleaners are the same? It’s essential to entrust your clothing to a genuinely professional cleaner who possesses a deep understanding and care for their craft. That’s precisely who we are! With over 115 years of dedicated service, we offer expert garment care coupled with exceptional customer service that will undoubtedly leave you satisfied.

Our Convenient Locations Swannanoa Cleaners proudly operates multiple locations throughout the beautiful city of Asheville. Come and witness firsthand the transformative difference our longstanding tradition of excellence makes in the care of your garments.

Swannanoa Cleaners – Your Trusted Asheville Dry Cleaner

Our Services Looking your best is a given, and at Swannanoa Cleaners, you can place your full trust in our team of seasoned professionals to maintain your wardrobe impeccably.

Discover the Legacy of Swannanoa Cleaners in Asheville, NC

About Us In the year 1900, Canie Brown laid the foundation for a laundry business that would continue to thrive for four generations. Today, we proudly continue to serve as Swannanoa Cleaners.

Our Commitment Swannanoa Cleaners is wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering the utmost quality, excellence, and first-class customer service. We provide our customers with cutting-edge cleaning technology and the expertise of highly trained and experienced cleaners and pressers. Rest assured, your cherished garments will be treated with the utmost care and attention.

Testimonial: “I have been doing business with Swannanoa Cleaners in North Asheville on Merrimon for about 10 years. The service I receive is truly wonderful!”

  • John Huie

Our Convenient Locations For the most up-to-date hours, please refer to our Google Listing or Facebook page, as hours may be subject to change due to staffing.

Downtown Asheville 165 Coxe Avenue, Asheville, NC 28802 828-253-3691

North Asheville 712 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804 828-252-3676

South Asheville South Forest Shopping Center, 780 Hendersonville Rd #4, Asheville, NC 28803 828-274-7550

Choose Dry Cleaning Swannanoa Cleaners Asheville for an unmatched garment care experience that combines tradition, expertise, and outstanding service.

Our Comprehensive Services at Dry Cleaning Swannanoa Cleaners Asheville

At Swannanoa Cleaners, we’ve mastered the art of cleaning and caring for your wardrobe, ensuring that your clothing looks and feels its absolute best. Whether you have standard cotton business shirts or delicate twin sheets, you can trust us to clean it all, from leather items to fur garments. We go the extra mile for you.

Our Specialty Services Include
  • Suits
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters
  • Shirts/blouses
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Dress shirts
  • And more!

Red Bag Service: Frequent patrons are eligible for our sturdy red garment bagβ€”a convenient way to transport your soiled garments to our office and have your freshly cleaned ones delivered back home hassle-free.

Leather Cleaning: We’re experts in professionally cleaning leather garments. Annual cleaning of your valuable leather items is encouraged to protect your investment. We also clean handbags, luggage, belts, and portfolios with the same level of care and attention.

Fur Storage: You can entrust your valuable fur garments to Swannanoa for gentle, meticulous cleaning. Additionally, we offer safe storage in our temperature and humidity-controlled cold storage vaults to protect your furs from moths and other insects.

Garment Storage: When the season changes, give your closet a break. Bring your out-of-season garments to Swannanoa for professional cleaning and storage.

Repairs & Alterations: Join Our Team: Swannanoa Cleaners is currently hiring at several locations, offering competitive pay, flexible hours, and great benefits. Contact Marvin Thomas at [email protected] for more information.

Fine Linens Cleaning: We clean, block, and hand-finish heirlooms of yesterday and tomorrow with special care and attention.

Specialty Cleaning: You can maintain a clean and fresh home year-round by entrusting your home accessories and fine linens to Swannanoa Cleaners. We specialize in cleaning items such as window treatments, down comforters, accessories, fine heirlooms, tablecloths, lace cutworks, and more.

Bridal Registry: Consider adding a Gift Certificate or a contribution toward the cleaning and preservation of your gown to your Gift Registry selections. Family, friends, and co-workers can obtain certificates from our main office.

Bridal Gowns Preservation: Ensure your daughter walks down the aisle in your perfectly preserved gown. Trust us for professional quality cleaning and preservation services.

Heirloom Garments: Vintage clothing and heirloom garments are cleaned and professionally stored, restoring them to their former glory.

Damage Restoration: Trust our experts to restore your wardrobe and household items, eliminating odors and stains caused by unfortunate disasters at home. We take the time to provide guidance and care for your belongings.

At Swannanoa Cleaners, we take pride in delivering quality work and top-notch customer service. Our clients’ satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.

Gallery Swannanoa Cleaners Asheville’s Unique Cleaning and Restoration Projects

At Swannanoa Cleaners Asheville, we take pride in our ability to clean and restore a wide range of unique and valuable items, including antique garments and wedding gowns. Here’s a glimpse of some of our specialty cleaning and restoration projects:

  1. Antique Garment Restoration:
    • Before and after photos of antique wedding gowns and family heirlooms.
    • Our expertise ensures careful cleaning to preserve cherished items for future generations.
  2. Specialty Items:
    • From a child’s first cuddly bear to a fireside rug, we clean many unusual items, making our customers “beary” happy.
    • We specialize in restoring damaged neckties, ensuring it’s never too late to bring them back to life.
  3. Dry Cleaning Unique Clothing and Bedding:
    • We take on unique garments and items even when the manufacturer doesn’t know how to clean them.
    • Whether it’s business casual or an unconventional style, we can make you look good.
  4. Dry Cleaning Linens:
    • Wow, just wow! When you’ve got it, you’ve got itβ€”clean and crisp linens for your enjoyment.
  5. Mascot Cleaning:
    • We clean mascots for promotional needs, ensuring they smell fresh and delightful.
    • Because making it smell like a spring chicken is something to cluck about!

At Swannanoa Cleaners, we’ve been delivering quality service for over 20 years, and our satisfied customers can attest to the professionalism, courtesy, and top-notch quality of our staff and services.

About Us
  • History: Founded in 1900, Swannanoa Cleaners has been a family-owned business for four generations.
  • Mission Statement: Our commitment to quality, excellence, and first-class customer service is unwavering.
  • Community Involvement: We’re proud to contribute to community service projects and help those in need, ensuring everyone has access to clean and warm clothing.

Whether it’s antique garment restoration, specialty cleaning, or community involvement, Swannanoa Cleaners is dedicated to providing exceptional care and service to our customers and the community.

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