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Roberson’s Cleaners in Los Angeles is your go-to destination for top-quality dry cleaning services. With a commitment to excellence spanning many years, we have become a trusted name in the community. Our skilled team of professionals takes great care in cleaning and preserving your garments, ensuring they look their best. From everyday wear to special occasion attire, we handle each item with precision and expertise. Whether you need your suits, dresses, or household items cleaned, Roberson’s Cleaners is dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Discover the convenience and reliability of our services today.

Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, and Expert Alterations in Los Angeles

With over two decades of experience, Roberson’s Cleaners in Los Angeles has been a trusted name for premium dry cleaning services. We pride ourselves on our commitment to both garment care and exceptional customer service. When you entrust your clothing to us, we treat them as if they were our own. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your garments, from buttons and zippers to seams and collars, is well taken care of.

At Roberson’s Cleaners, we understand the significance of convenience, which is why we offer not only dry cleaning but also shirt laundry, expert alterations, and more. Our team’s extensive knowledge of fabrics and cleaning products, gained over 20 years, guarantees that your clothes will maintain their original quality and appearance.

Why choose dry cleaning? Convenience plays a crucial role, as you drop off your items, and we handle the rest, including professional ironing. Moreover, our expertise enables us to handle various fabrics and products. We inspect each garment for potential issues you might have missed, ensuring they return to you in impeccable condition.

We are committed to environmentally safe dry cleaning practices. Our use of new technology and natural chemicals reflects our dedication to eco-friendly cleaning, preserving both your clothes and the environment. Visit Roberson’s Cleaners today to experience the difference in keeping yourself and your garments looking sharp while caring for our planet.

Our Services

  • Alterations
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Fluff & Fold Laundry
  • Shirt Laundry
  • And More


  • “My clothes are taken care of… and if they can’t clean something or a spot was overlooked at the time I dropped my clothing off… guess what??? THEY CALL ME AND LET ME KNOW WHAT’S UP!!! I appreciate that.” – Joy P.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1501 Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035 (Corner of Robertson at Cashio)
  • Phone: (310) 286-0386
  • Hours:
    • Mon – Fri: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
    • Sat: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
    • Sun: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Dry Cleaning Services: Our eco-friendly dry cleaning practices make choosing us for your dry cleaning needs easy. Say goodbye to concerns about toxic chemicals and harmful fumes. With over 20 years of experience, we continue to provide excellent customer service and ensure that your garments always look brand new.

Shirt Laundry: Our shirt laundry service comes with a smile. We pre-treat cuffs and collars to give your shirts a polished finish. Hand pressing provides an extra special touch. If you’ve lost a button or two, don’t worry; we’ll replace them to extend the life of your favorite shirts.

Expert Alterations: Uneven alterations are not a problem for us. From wedding dresses to resizing clothes, we have steady hands capable of altering almost anything. Our one-day service ensures quick adjustments when you’re in a hurry.

Other Services: In addition to garments, we clean upholstery for carpets and rugs. We understand that carpets and rugs play a vital role in making your home comfortable, and we take great care of your floors. Whether it’s stain removal, odor elimination, or dyeing, we’re here to help you maintain and enhance your living space.

Fluff & Fold Laundry: Our fluff and fold service cater to your busy lifestyle. We wash your clothes separately, using top-grade detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets. All items are neatly folded and bagged, with pants and collared shirts available on hangers upon request. Your special instructions and preferences are always accommodated.

If you require any further information or adjustments, please let me know.

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