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Discover top-notch dry cleaning services at Anderson Cleaners in Brainerd. With a strong commitment to quality and years of serving the local community, we are your trusted choice for all your garment care needs. From everyday wear to delicate fabrics, our experienced team ensures your clothes receive the utmost care and attention. We take pride in our eco-friendly cleaning methods, which not only make your garments look their best but also contribute to a sustainable future. At Anderson Cleaners, we prioritize your convenience and satisfaction, offering services designed to exceed your expectations. Experience the excellence that sets us apart in the dry cleaning industry. Choose Anderson Cleaners in Brainerd for all your clothing cleaning needs.

Welcome to Anderson Cleaners, a Brainerd tradition since 1920!

NOW AVAILABLE! Contactless Home Pick-Up and Delivery

At Anderson Cleaners, we take pride in being your experts for clothing care. With a legacy dating back to 1920, we’ve been serving the Brainerd community with top-notch dry cleaning, stain removal, pressing, restoration, preservation, and alteration services.

Our Services Include

  • Dry Cleaning: We offer a wide range of dry cleaning services, handling various fabrics like silk, rayon, linen, wool, leather, down jackets, comforters, draperies, and more.
  • Stain Removal: Anderson Cleaners is your stain removal expert, with specialized services for wedding gown restoration and heirloom packaging.
  • Pick-Up and Delivery: We provide convenient dry cleaning pick-up services throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area, making it easy for you to access our exceptional services.

Dry cleaning is a meticulous process that uses a chemical fluid, such as perchloroethylene (perc), to clean garments. It extends the life of your wardrobe, ensuring your clothes look and feel like new. Our experienced team sorts clothes by color, fabric type, and construction to guarantee the best care.

Expert training in stain identification and removal techniques ensures the safety of your fabric. We also prioritize solvent monitoring to maintain the quality of our service. All garments are processed on-site, and customers are advised on proper care and cleaning. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, and we pay attention to details like stain removal, pressing, and final inspection.

We specialize in cleaning specialty fabrics like silk, which requires extra care and attention. Our “mineral bath” procedure can return your silk garments to a “like new” appearance.

Anderson Cleaners is committed to delivering exceptional dry cleaning services with a focus on customer care, meticulous classification and analysis, and thorough final inspection. Your garments will be processed with care, ensuring they are neat and organized when they return to your closet.

Trust Anderson Cleaners for all your clothing care needs. We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations. Contact us for more information or to schedule our convenient pick-up and delivery service.

RAYON Rayon, a popular man-made fabric with ever-growing popularity, comes in various types, some resembling silk. Dry cleaning is the safest method for cleaning rayon, especially if your garment is labeled “Dry Clean Only.” Home pressing can lead to shine that’s challenging to rectify.

CARING FOR DOWN Down garments are beloved for their lightweight warmth. When buying down garments, look for well-sewn seams to prevent feather leakage, proper quilting (approximately 8 inches apart) to prevent down shifting, and each square or rectangle filled with down for optimal insulation.

The outer shell should be made of tightly woven materials like nylon or cotton blends. Ensure a proper fit; overly tight garments can compromise insulation. Down garments must contain at least 80% down, with the rest being feathers.

Cleaning down depends on the outer fabric and quilting. Washing down can cause feathers to mat, affecting insulation. Dry cleaning allows feathers to move freely without water involvement.

Tears in down garments should be noted for repair before cleaning to prevent feather loss. Anderson Cleaners excels in cleaning down comforters, ensuring even distribution of down for maximum comfort and extended life.

Garments should be cleaned once during the wearing season and before summer storage. Store down garments in a loose bag to preserve their quality.

STAIN REMOVAL Anderson Cleaners is renowned for its expertise in difficult stain removal and wedding gown services. No matter the stain, we have a solution. Stains like perspiration, champagne, or sugar-based stains can yellow with age if not properly removed.

Successful stain removal depends on factors like fabric, stain type, and stain age. Our expert training, combined with special chemicals and equipment, ensures safe and effective stain removal. We accept worldwide mail orders for garments with stubborn stains.

PRESERVATION At Anderson Cleaners, we specialize in wedding gown preservation, ensuring your precious memories last a lifetime. We offer complete wedding gown services from restoration to heirloom packaging. If your wedding dress has yellowed over time, our exclusive whitening process can restore it to a like-new condition.

All gowns are individually cleaned, never with other garments, to preserve and protect your cherished gown. Proper care tips for your gown include sewing decorative beading and appliquΓ©, avoiding leaving the dress on a hanger to maintain its shape, not storing it in plastic to prevent yellowing, and having it cleaned promptly to prevent damage.

After preservation, store your gown in a cool, dry place without extreme temperature changes. Refold the boxed dress every 3-5 years to prevent permanent wrinkles. Our heirloom packaging process follows museum-quality standards, ensuring your gown’s preservation for future generations.

You can also preserve other items like Christening gowns, Communion dresses, doll clothes, and more. Estimates can be provided based on a description of the dress. We accept mail orders for this service.


To maintain your garments, bring soiled items to the dry cleaner as soon as possible, alert them to any stains, and be cautious with perfume, hair spray, deodorants, and lotions that can affect dyes. Protect your garments from excessive perspiration and avoid hanging them in direct sunlight, which can cause fading. Don’t press soiled clothes, as heat can set stains.

Avoid applying water to remove stains before dry cleaning, as it can create rings that are harder to remove. Constantly check care labels before purchasing garments, and if a label says “professional dry clean only,” never launder it.


  • Buttons and beads made of polystyrene
  • Trim that is glued, not sewn on
  • Belts or items with cardboard or plastic backing
  • Some screen-printed garments

Alterations/Tailoring Anderson Cleaners offers professional alterations and tailoring services. Our skilled seamstresses can adjust clothing, hem pants, replace zippers, shorten straps, add darts, slim sleeves, and more. Contact us to set up a fitting with one of our seamstresses.

NOW AVAILABLE! Contactless Home Pick-Up and Delivery Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now offer contact-free curbside pick-up and delivery within 25 miles of our Downtown Brainerd location. Delivery fees apply based on distance. To sign up, use the provided form, call us at 218-829-5269, or email [email protected].

MAIL ORDER INSTRUCTIONS We accept worldwide mail orders. Send your fine garments for dry cleaning or specialty stain removal to our experienced staff. We recommend using UPS or the US Post Office and insuring your garment. Most major credit cards are accepted.

If you have questions, contact us at 218-829-5269 or [email protected].

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